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When I was just 5 years old, my loving parents, Kobie and Elize Spangenberg, opened the doors of KSG Brokers. I feel extremely appreciative for being raised in an entrepreneurial family and being guided on an entrepreneurial path throughout my life, which afforded me the work insight that a university degree did not even come close to offering.

Like many children who have grown up in the financial industry, such industry teaches you how to set yourself up for success, instilling determination, high expectations and other important work ethics early on in life.

During February 2016 I had the privilege to join my family at KSG Brokers as an inhouse accountant which prepared me even more for day to day business life and the management of a company.

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During November 2018 we made a decision to expand KSG Brokers and I had the privilege of opening and independent accounting firm, whilst continuing to render accounting services for the clients of KSG Brokers ensuring the clients had the best financial package i.e life insurance, policies; tax and estate planning advice all combined.

The act of starting and building a business from scratch and when that business belongs to you, it is only human to take better care of it and invest better in its future and well-being, thereby investing in the growth and well being of the clients who are the back bone of the company.

It’s through my parents’ work ethic and business skills that I have inherited and which I apply in my day to day work which had the result of me being blessed with the loyal clients of Smits & Kie accountants I have today. KSG Brokers has been in business for more than 27 years, which renders the question how is Smits and Kie going to succeed?

I was pushed to think differently than my counterparts. My dad’s charisma and passion for work has been instilled in me. Regardless of how my dad feels, he always gets up, shows up and never gives up on his dreams of working hard and staying positive to achieve success for what he loves most. This has been a recipe for success for 27 years and this will be the foundation of Smits & Kie accountants for the next generation.

Kindly note that all three firms are practising independently from each other for their own accounts.
No client is obliged to use the services of all firms involved.

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  • Value-added tax (VAT)
  • PAYE Deductions and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
  • Compensation Commissioner Fund Returns
  • Companies; Trusts and NGO’s registrations
  • Estate administration and planning
  • Financial statements
  • Income tax
  • Budgets
  • Budget and Cashflow statements
  • Trusts administration

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